Camper production is currently postponed until later in 2019, further details will be posted in the near future.

Truck with a Custom Callen Camper. Camper barn door open
Truck with a Custom Callen Camper. Camper barn door open
The rear of a Custom Callen Camper. With the doors open
Looking out the back of a Callen Camper.
Side view of a Callen Camper on a truck
Side view of a Callen Camper with a steel rack on top

Build Your Callen Camper

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Exterior Features

Steel Frame

High Quality 1x1 and 1x2 steel tubing is used in the construction of the frame. We use thin wall steel to minimize weight, while maintaining structural integrity.


Choose the size and placement of your windows. WinDoor style available as well. Windows are high-grade glass windows with UV blocking tint.

Barn Doors

Maximize the open space and loading capabilities with double or single doors.

Above Cab Space

Customize your space (height and length are up to you).

Interior Features


We insulate with high-density closed cell insulation board with a R-value of 6.5

Wall Panels + Storage.

Wood grain and color options are available as well as storage designs to fit your needs

Keep your bed space.

​Callen Camper Shells are designed to enclose the bed of your truck without sacrificing bed space. You own a truck for a reason - use it.